Since 1988, Metro Maintenance, Inc. has been the premier commercial maintenance and management firm for businesses across the country.
Our customers have one source for all of their maintenance and repair issues. Outsourcing facility maintenance and repair has proven to be cost effective for organizations. We are different in that we partner with many contractors while at the same time perform many maintenance and repair services with our own crews.

Our core business is Landscaping and Snow/Ice removal. We offer full service landscape and maintenance services to commercial properties including regular lawn maintenance, installation, landscape design, irrigation and fertilization. We also offer specialized services including pressure washing, lot sweeping, painting, and asphalt work. Metro Maintenance has successfully managed properties for several of the largest financial institutions and many commercial properties held by private corporations. Our services are key when it comes to exterior building conversions affected by mergers and acquisitions. We know what it takes to keep pace and adapt to our ever-growing and evolving clients.


Metro Maintenance is not a franchise, which allows us to focus on our clients' needs in a direct and immediate way. When you call Metro Maintenance, you reach the source of our operation. We have one point of contact, no matter where your business is located. Our business is built on customer service through the personal relationships we develop with our clients. Our service solutions are very cost-effective, so there's no compromising for the level of service you deserve.

Metro Maintenance, Inc. is MWBE certified. For more information on MWBE certification, please visit

Please contact us so we, too can discover how to make a substantial difference in the care for your commercial properties.